About Us
UTC Engineering Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2008, provides design & builds services in Electrical Engineering. The practice provides a diverse and comprehensive range of electrical engineering services in power distribution, control and automation.

To being well resourced, the company is equipped with business associates and business alliance in order to consolidate the core competitive advantages crucial ton the company growth. UTC Engineering Sdn Bhd is adequately resourced with its own personnel and machinery, also credit facilities support by its suppliers to participate in project development.

Nature of Works

UTC Engineering Sdn Bhd provide wide range and comprehensive engineering service in th field of Electrical Engineering inclusive of consulting services and contracting provided by the practice cover the following areas of engineering:-
  • Variable Frequency Drive and soft Starter System
  • Pump Control System
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Control System
  • Building, Factory and Process Automation Systems
  • Centralize Quality Power Monitoring System
  • Harmonics Solution – System Study and Harmonic Filter
  • Electrical Panel
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